Sunday Sitdown: How High?

This week Microsoft got all official on the ZuneHD’s 64gb variant, allowing you to carry loads more music, video, and television shows then you could on any other flash Zune before. Now I know the more jaded of you will tell me that it’s now time for a 128gb Zune, (see we’ve been doing this little run around for too long), but it’s the rest of you I’m curious about.

During the launch events in September many of you felt that a 32gb ZuneHD was the “sweet spot”. How do you feel about that storage size now? Have you needed to setup managed playlists so that you always have the music you are looking for? What about video, do you feel it offers a nice balance between ton of music or being a dumping ground of all your content?

4 Comments on “Sunday Sitdown: How High?”

  1. Actually I still believe the 32 Gb is the sweet spot, my capacity used sits right about at 23 Gb, which gives me plenty of free space with which to use the Zune Pass further and etc… However I really am not all that big in the video area, but am huge on music…

  2. @Brandon G.: I think we’re in the same spot. I just don’t have a need for that much space, since I have my video content taken off by the software once i’ve already watched it.

  3. I believe 32GB is ok. But i have a superiority/inferiority complex(which one means that you always have to be better?) which makes me want to have the highest capacity available(at a reasonable price, of course). Right now idc about the capacity i care about the zune hd being able to view every website(except flash) that I want to go to and not give me the “cannot find page” error that it **always** does. Anyhow, When that happens I’ll be happy.

  4. I think the 64 gig is a must for me. I keep about 30 to 40 gigs of music on my zune 80. The 32 did not cut it for me. Now i can finally enjoy the video that I have been purchasing throug the pc and xbl.

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