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Melvins – Larry (click it, then download it from SkyDrive)

Well, my dear blog reader. Larry is the title of (ironically) the only good song on this 1994 album by grunge godfathers Melvins, although they were technically called Snivlem because of a minor contractual agreement with Atlantic Records.

This was a very experimental album by the band (they’ve been known to do that), that was released on Amphetamine Reptile records in 1994. The band was currently signed to a major label (Atlantic Records) thanks to the grunge explosion of 1991/1992, but Atlantic wasn’t very helpful to the band (see the song “Laughing with Lucifer at Satan’s Side Show” from the bands 1997 AmRep release “Honky” for more insight).

Prick was recorded and sold as a means to raise funds for the Stoner Witch sessions, which was eventually released on Atlantic (and is probably their best effort to date).

Larry is a hard rock, mosh-pit inducing grunge-fest. I think you will enjoy it.

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