Todays mix is all about Yoko Kanno and The Seatbelts.

She is an incredible composer that has zero boundaries, drawing from rock, blues, country, classical and a lot of hard jazz.  She has composed for many projects but is best known for her work on Cowboy Bebop, which is where todays selections come from. If you havent tried this show out, its INCREDIBLE…and I dont even get into anime ever. The production quality, scripting, character development and of course the music are all top notch. Fan of Firefly and Serenity? You will LOVE this.This is probably my favorite musician and favorite show ever…

You can watch the entire series on youtube here.

Incidentally the name “seatbelts” is used because ” when they jam, they play so hard they have to strap themselves in”. You can also see an AWESOME concert video here.


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  1. She is truly talented. Cowboy Bebop is much loved by many for a good reason. It’s music is a hallmark of the series. Many episodes have distinct musical themes that are quite varied in genre. The series oozes style and has great English voice to boot. I was hooked after the 5th episode “Ballad of Fallen Angels.” Definitely add this one to your collection. I’d also like to add that Yoko’s work on Ghost in the Shell SAC is excellent as well.

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