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Every since that dry spell during the summer Microsoft seems to have made it a point to get more apps to Zune HD users. Starting now you’ll now be able to enjoy using your Zune HD to find a chord, wake yourself up, message your friends without spelling errors, and play with penguins.


Chord Finder does exactly what the title describes, allowing you to find the perfect guitar chord. One of the things I’ve heard mentioned a lot over the years is that no Zune device ever included a Alarm Clock or a Sleep Time, Alarm Clock takes care of that pretty easily allowing you to wake up to the sound of your own playlists radio station or a regular old buzzer. Snowball is a game in which you must get a small penguin around on ice to the other side of a level.

As a special bonus it looks like the team also took some of the Zune community’s complaints about Windows Live Messenger to heart. Making a debut in this version are number of nice options including a tilt keyboard, and spell check.

Look out for our reviews of these later on in the week, and be sure to download them for free in the Zune App Marketplace.


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