Whats up kids?

So this week in R6land, I went to this photoshoot .

While there I met this rapper. He had the look, he had enuff attitude to pull it off without being an ass and he can write. So I was talking to him and at some point I said something about “old school” and he goes, “Oh like Snoop Dogg?” and I realized that there is a huge generation gap between our definitions of OS.

I grew up in the center of honkyville.  Just me and mom and most of the music sounded like this.

Thats not a bad thing…but at my house we were playing this:

and this:

This was also a favorite.

The part that makes it funny is that this is us then.

So as you can see, I enrolled in the academy of funk early.

OK, nuff said, lesson one comin up:

So dig, here it is brotha.


^6^ out

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