I dont buy into the whole Valentines thing. I will not be out getting a dozen roses, or a card from Wal Mart that sings “You Sexy Thing”. I dont believe that “every kiss begins with Kay”… I heard someone say once that “More kisses begin with Natural Light”.  Maybe I am just getting more cynical in my old age (if thats even possible) or maybe, just maybe I am getting more romantic and think that you dont need a special occasion to show someone you care. Because of this I will be getting out the scissors and construction paper in a few minutes…

I do believe in music though… and its a critical part of any blossoming relationship. While wife B and I seem to spread far apart on music in many ways, there are a few areas where we draw very near and I thought I might share some with you.

This is not your typical lovey dovey mix, its mostly stuff she turned me on to. I think you will dig it.

^6^ out!


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