Tired of your Zune HD not getting the app love it deserves? Sick of wondering what new free games might debut in the Zune App Marketplace? Microsoft is letting loose a few new apps for our favorite media player, and by the looks of it it, isn’t a bad haul at all.


Zune Reader

We end with the app the caught us off guard the most, Zune Reader. It’s an open source book reader for your Zune HD, allowing you to download open source books.



Penalty is a soccer game, I stunk at it, but it’s of very high quality, and even includes a few nice extras like a Practice Mode.


Shuffle by Album

This does exactly as the name suggests, allowing you a playback option that’s not already in the Zune HD OS.


As always these apps are available for free to all Zune HD users inside the Zune App Marketplace, we’ll also have a review of them later on this week.

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