Summer is a time for partying, a time for music, a time to rock! (So I’m told. I’ve never been into rhythm games). Microsoft’s helping you do all three this week with special discounts for “Rockband” DLC.

Until June 7th, Xbox LIVE Gold users can get their hands on all sorts of “Rockband” DLC including, “Rockband: Ozzy Osbourne Pack 01” for 560 Microsoft Points ($7), “Rockband: Avenged Sevenfold Pack 01” for 320 Microsoft Points ($4), “Rockband: All That Remains Pack 01” for 320 Microsoft Points ($4), “Rockband: Dr. Feelgood (Album)” 880 Microsoft Points ($11),  “Rockband: Screaming for Vengeance (Album)” 800 Microsoft Points ($10).

Rock on folks!


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