While we still have yet to get any meaningful list of the “500 New Features” coming to Windows Phone, we’ve still got the next best thing: A blog post detailing the changes made to the Music + Videos hub (or as it should be called Zune on Windows Phone).

New features include podcasts support on the device (U.S. Only), Smart DJ Playlists, Improved Marketplace Search, and the ability to create playlists.. They’ve also detailed a long list of improvements they’ve made to the Music + Videos hub including,  more discoverable playback options, improved “History” and “New” areas, better mini-playback controls, better artist images, more playback information, better data management, and full-screen video options, and scrubbing.

Overall it’s not a bad list of new features. On the other side of things I’m actually unsure about changing the playback buttons to be on the top of a touchscreen device, or moving the “Shuffle all” button. Be sure to check out the post for yourselves. There’s a lot of information in their about why they made the changes they did.

Source: Windows Phone Team Blog via WMPowerUser

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