Ok folks…been outta tha loop for a bit.  In more ways than one.  Life and work and blah blah blah…its hard to make time to exercise. So as I begin my return to running, I thought I might drag you along. Be warned though. This is not for the faint of heart. Its 30 minutes of almost non-stop, high tempo, get your lungs burning thump.

If youre a runner, jam this and see if you dont shave some time, have a bit more ‘CHARGE!’ up the hill. This will get you to that good place, you and the horizon.

If youre not a runner, jam this and see if it doesnt make you wanna get  up and go! Get on a bike, treadmill, whatever…DO SOMETHING. Set the example for the next gen. We have a big problem in this country folks. Fat parents and fat kids.

Dont like being called fat?  Too bad, I am trying to save your life.

Get out with your kids and GET ACTIVE…otherwise the revolution may pass your tired ass by…



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