With just over two month’s left until the fall Microsoft is finally letting us get a distant peek at some of the hardware we can expect Windows Phone manufactures to be shipping the next version of Windows Phone on, and the hardware story isn’t bad.

Of course there’s also nothing really all that exciting about any of them either. Today Steve Guggenheimer, the man in charge of hardware vendors for Windows Phone. showed off new devices from  Samsung, Fujitsu, ZTE, and Acer. Here’s some video footage straight from the event (thanks to Within Windows).


Microsoft Windows Phone Division Corporate Vice President for OEMs, Steve Guggenheimer showing off the latest in Windows Phone Mango Devices.


There’s a waterproof Fujitsu handset, along with the already pimped Acer W4, so none of these are really all that interesting or exciting to Windows Phone watchers.  They’re also quick to point out that these “aren’t production phones and shouldn’t be taken as indicative of what’s coming down the line”, but I don’t know how much of that we can believe with the Acer W4 among the lineup.


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