Having a music service seems to be all the rage these days. Sure we’re a little biased, we’re Zune users, but lately it seems everyone wants to be the new iTunes replacement. In the last six months Amazon, Apple, Google, Sony,  and Spotify have all made plays at being part of what comes beyond buying your music one song at a time. This is exciting, and makes it a wonderful time to be a music fanatic, but is it a wonderful time to be a company providing one of these services? Do any of these services actually make money?  Better yet has any of these services managed to change the way the you enjoy music?  Leave your thoughts in the comments.

2 Comments on “Sunday Sitdown: The Music Scene Is Hot”

  1. I was surprised at how the Zune Pass would change my thinking. Prior to that, I always considered just purchasing music. I have a huge collection of CDs, my son’s garage is full of vinyl and cassettes from my collection, and I have my share of purchased digital music.

    But being able to see something of interest on various blogs, and simply go in and download it…not worried about credits, not concerned about my balance on my card, has been wonderful. I have discovered tons of newer artists (Bat for Lashes for example) and have downloaded favorites from the past I no longer have with me here.

  2. I have over 400 cd’s. Never thought i would purchase digital.i still believe it should be cheaper being your not paying for packaging etc. But i find my collection of music expanding even more because of the zune pass. Its also kept me from making some bad purchasing decisions.

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