We were wondering when someone involved would get around to sending out invitations to any official Windows Phone launch shindigs, especially since “Fall” is now right around the corner.We’ve got no confirmation that this going to be anything epic, but Microsoft and Nokia are teaming up for an event at this year’s GamesCom. How excited should you be?  Usually when someone invokes “exciting actions and surprises”, and “will make it an an evening to remember” in the invitation our ears perk up.

Other than those two phrases the two companies are still staying mum on any details, only noting that they’ll be giving away 3 Nokia Windows Phones, and 3 Xbox 360 with Kinect bundles. With all the mystery here it sounds like we’re going to be breaking out the LiveChat system again. Both GamesCom and this event officialy kick off in Cologne, Germany on August 18th.



the:unwired via WPCentral

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