Remember the Zune Social? Remember when life was simple, media players we all the rage and Microsoft had grand ideas about creating an end to end social experience for music lovers? Well we remember and until now it’s fallen by the way side. If you are a Windows Phone user, there’s not even a Social area on your device. We had just given up on the thought of sharing what music we love with friends from our Windows Phones, when we saw RogueCode’s newest app for Windows Phone: ‘Tweet This Song’.


‘Tweet This Song’, a new social music utility coming to Windows Phone.


It seems the app is already done and awaiting certification from Microsoft. The moment we have word that its available for download we’ll update you fine folks. For those of you who are wondering where you’ve heard the name RogueCode before, he actually joined us on for ZuneSpring Live to talk about his Zune App work. You can find him on Twitter as here.

Update 8/13 Matt from RogueCode just let us know that it’s available in the Windows Phone Marketplace as of right now. You know the drill, a full video review of the app as soon as time permits.

4 Comments on “Indie Developer Creates Free App for Sharing Your Songs with Your Twitter Feed, Zune Social Green With Envy”

  1. This looks seriously cool. Haven’t got a phone yet, but when I do, music will be a huge portion of that. Plan to hold some of my tunes on the phone and then free up about 50% of my Zune HD for other things such as video. This kind of sharing was one thing that set the earlier Zunes apart from the rest of the herd.

    • Thanks for building something that Microsoft should have done itself. I’m trying the app new with a full review to come early next week.

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