I dont know about you but it was a rough day at Fortress Weasel. Here is an emergency re-supply. This is an awesome mix made up of some of my favorite tracks from Cowboy Bebop.  The series’ artistic style draws heavily on American music and counterculture, especially the beat, jazz and the early rock era1940s–70s, which the original soundtrack by Yoko Kanno and The Seatbelts crafts perfectly for each scene.

If youre not into anime, thats ok… I’m not either.

However, even if youre not into anime, I recommend that you at least try an episode or 2… especially if you liked Firefly. If youre not into sci-fi westerns, thats ok…I’m not either.

However, if youve never seen or heard of either of these shows you need to be jettisoned with the garbage…







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