Now that Windows Phone Mango is out the door, whats a group of smartphone geeks who crave the best in mobile to do with their attention and resivoir of anticipation? First you could turn to Nokia CES Keynote, or you could take a gander at the roadmap leaked to WMPowerUser that details release windows for the next version of Windows Phone.


As with most slide decks, (the image seems fresh out of a PowerPoint pesentation) has just a few bullet points. According to the leak Windows Phone Tango is slated for Q2 of 2012 and have a highlight of “Products with the best prices”. So we’re going to just call that giving the ecosystem a bit more range in pricing and maybe features, afterall you’ve got to cut that price down somehow. Windows Phone Apollo looks to be slated for Q4 of 2012 and offer up “increased overall volume, competitive superphones, and business”. Now if only Q4 2012 would hurry up and get here already, I would

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