If you are an Xbox LIVE Free user who has yet to take the entertainment applications that debuted with the latest Xbox Dashboard update for a spin, you are in luck! Between Thursday April 19th, and Monday April 23rd you’ll be allowed to enjoy those entertainment apps for free!

Between those dates any Xbox LIVE gold user will be able to use any of these new entertainment apps in the U.S. including CinemaNow, Crackle, Dailymotion, EPIX4, ESPN, HBO GO, iHeartRadio, Last.FM, MSN, Netflix, Syfy, TMZ, Today, UFC, Verizon, VEVO, Vudu, Xfinity TV on Demand, and YouTube.

There will also be free trials of Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Epix services to help you get a better picture of those services and how they fit into Xbox as well, (a very good thing since you’ll still need subscriptions to these services to your their respective Xbox apps).



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