Skype on Xbox team official, Metro development techniques coming to Xbox?

It’s no news to most Microsoft watchers; if Microsoft is going to make good on those promises of bringing Skype to it’s entire consumer product portfolio, Skype on Xbox LIVE has to happen at some point. What may be news is the relationship between Windows 8 and the world’s best-selling gaming console. In a job posting on Microsoft Careers the company details the formation of it’s new London-based Skype Xbox Engineering Team:

“Skype is seeking a motivated Software Engineer with an unrelenting drive for working on and solving customer-based issues.  As a member of the Skype Xbox Engineering Team in London, you will have a strong technical background developing client and/or embedded software.  Success in this role will likely be driven by your technical understanding, passion for shipping product, a user focus and an Agile approach to software development.  The ideal candidate loves software and has a passion for writing code that addresses real customer issues and needs.”

While not the most interesting of news, it’s  great to see progress where Skype on Xbox is concerned since, in our opinion, can’t come soon enough. What really raised our eyebrows is this bullet point under Qualifications and Experiences:

“Likewise, as Microsoft platforms move towards Metro style, Windows 8 metro development experience would also be a benefit”

So what does having experience with Metro development have to do with helping to create Skype for Xbox in the future? Nothing is for sure, but maybe Xbox and Windows 8 development might not be all that dissimilar in the future? Like if a future version of the Xbox Dashboard or a future Xbox console was powered by Microsoft’s forthcoming OS?

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