To end your long week and start the weekend with a fresh game,  take a look at the newly released Xbox LIVE Indie games for the week. I bring attention to Indie games because let’s face it, they are they least spotlighted part of the Xbox LIVE ecosystem.

One game I am going to specifically give a shout out to is Avatar Random Chat. It looks to be based on the idea of Chat Roulette. Thankfully with this game there will no random nudity.


Puzzle Cubicle

Developer Geek Mode Games
Description: Puzzle Cubicle is a pure puzzle game with a twist on the traditional formula: you don’t know what you’re trying to reproduce. Challenging? Satisfyingly so! Don’t worry; we give you hints and restrictions so you can use your head and figure out the solutions. With a varied range of difficulties, 50 puzzles and an original soundtrack, this is more than enough to satisfy the puzzle lover in you!
Price 80 Microsoft Points ($1)


Learn Basic French

Developer phantomgames
Description: Learn Basic French is a simple tool to learn French. This app have different categories like Basic Phrases, Vocabulary and Grammar.
Price 240 Microsoft Points ($3)



Developer Archifishal Software
Description: Submerged beneath a vast alien ocean, the cosmic-exploration vessel Orcna is gradually disintegrating… You open your eyes to find yourself surrounded by warning lights, creaking sounds, and the faintly audible sound of running water. With pressure building rapidly, you’ll need to evacuate the water quickly, avoiding malfunctioning guns and exotic aliens which are hellbent on your destruction.
Price 80 Microsoft Points ($1)


Pig & Bullet

Developer GHXYK2
Description: Kotaku iOS ‘Gaming App Of The Day’ is now on Xbox Live!!!! Soundtrack by former Capcom/Takumi composer Yasushi Kaminishi.
Price 80 Microsoft Points ($1)


Avatar Random Chat

Developer Running Pixel
Description: Avatar Random Chat is the first Xbox service that pairs Xbox Live Enabled strangers from around the world together for voice-based conversations. At any point, either user may leave the current chat by initiating another random connection. It’s like a chat roulette on your Xbox! To use this service you must buy this app and have an Xbox Live Gold subscription and a Mic or Headset.
Price 80 Microsoft Points ($1)


Manic Miner 360

Developer Elite Systems Ltd
Description: Manic Miner for the ZX Spectrum (an 8-bit home computer) is one of THE defining games of the 80s. Manic Miner 360 is the near-100% original ZX Spectrum game, as written by Matthew Smith in 1983 and is brought to you – as a licenced product. Featuring: – full-screen and bordered portrait play / display modes – ‘auto-save’, on exiting the game
Price 240 Microsoft Points ($3)



Developer CuchuGames
Description: Take the Overdriven ship and save the galaxy from an unknown enemy. 1 to 4 Players (Local Co-op), 7 Stages, 7 Secret Items, 7 Challenges, 6 Bosses, 3 Difficulties, 35 Alien Artefacts to find, 20 Awards, Local Highscores, 9 Ship’s Levels with Upgrades and Weapons! Original Gameplay elements (Dynamic Occluders, QTE, Puzzle), Instrumental Soundtrack available from the game Menu.
Price 240 Microsoft Points ($3)

Editor’s Note Games released after time of post on Friday will be featured next week.

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