As I write this, the lovely Shade Friarson and I are huddled up here at enConnected headquarters, planning the next eight months of enConnected’s future. I’m reminded of two things as I hear the melodies of John William’s “Summon the Heroes” burst from my television during tonight’s 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremonies. One, to whom much is given, much is asked. Two, I haven’t given much, and thus not much has been asked.

Before you begin with all  the “you aren’t that bad’ and the “you are doing great” that all kind-hearted people find customary, hear me out. I’ve asked you to trust me to cover Microsoft news in a timely fashion. I’ve asked you to consider typing our name into your browser inplace of more established technology publications. I’ve asked you to trust us with your most important asset, your time. So far I’ve done nothing close to deserving any of those things.

Yes, I’ve had health issues but the reasons we are falling flat on our faces are numerous. It starts with not putting out the kind of content you want to hear. It’s involves spending too much time working on infrastructure instead of writing. It starts with not understanding our audience and what they have the right to demand from us.

So why am I telling you this? I want you to understand that I know what is wrong. I want you to know that I plan to fix it. I started enConnected’s forbearer because I believed I had something unique to say. I still do, and it’s time I stopped sipping hot tea, hoping my voice gets better. Thank you for all of your visits, your interest, and your time. I’m back.


Connected  always,


7 Comments on “Guess whose back. Back again.”

  1. Give yourself more credit than that. Things are changing so quickly. I just downloaded the latest update to the Xbox beta and while there is so much missing here un Japan there are glimmers of hope with more content on the way.

    I subscribe to multiple sites to keep track of all this, and your site is pinned right there with them. Take care of yourself and let us know how we can help.

    • Thanks for the kind words Mark, and for always reading. With this stuff changing so fast for the folks in Redmond, it’s do or die and really valuing you reading!

  2. Hey Travis – I have a folder named Microsoft Stuff on my favorites bar- I figured it was about time I register on this site since you are the best source for level headed commentary on all tech within twitter. Keep up the good work and know I am visiting daily!

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