So are you looking for the next great app in the WP Marketplace that will help you get fit? Have you tried dozens of apps and just gotten bored with the sterile, boring numbers and graphs of it all? Maybe what you need to do is remember Rule #1.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, thats right, CARDIO.  Lets face it, the zombie apocalypse is inevitable and only the strongest and fastest will survive beyond Day 4, once all the fattys are eaten.  So, to help you get in the right frame of mind, I suggest you go  download the “Zombies, Run!” app right now and stop wasting time!

Zombies, Run! is an immersing audio adventure for your Windows Phone where you, dear runner,  are being chased through a post-apocalyptic dystopia. As you run, the story unfolds around you, (helped along by your chosen music) by using the GPS and accelerometer in your phone, whether youre on the trail, the track or the treadmill. Its not all just pointless rushing about either. As you log distance, you collect items such as batteries, water, bandages, top secret files and various other precious commodities. These items are then used to build and improve your base of operations. As you improve your base, your population grows and you can unlock new missions.  Also, if you want a serious workout, there is a ‘horde mode’ option where random crowds of zombies will appear to chase you, forcing you to pick up the pace or be eaten and fail the mission.

Buying the full version gives you access to over 40 missions, personal running data tracking via ‘Zombielink’ where you can interact with over 150,000 registered runners around the world, and upcoming DLC releases. Zombielink will show you stats on items collected, mission completions and maps of your route. Runkeeper integration is on the horizon as well.

Check out the website here:

Go to the Marketplace and try the free demo!


And of course, heres a great music mix for your run, featuring Ministry, Filter, KoRn and Alice In Chains.




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