We hear from GameSpot that there are all sorts of cool Xbox 360 related game releases this week like FIFA Soccer 13, and Dead or Alive 5. Yeah, both of those are cute and all, but we are more excited for the Angry Birds Triology. No we aren’t joking.


Retail Titles

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Releasing September 25th

Koonami returns with another edition of it’s yearly football/soccer franchise.


FIFA Soccer 13 Releasing September 25th

The EA sports simulation returns with another iteration of it’s football franchise.


Dead or Alive 5 Releasing September 25th

So you haven’t had enough of using random martial arts styles to literally beat the crap of out of your opponents? Fair enough.


The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Releasing September 25th

The game’s literature and launch trailer depict the action/adventure game as “Holmes’ most dangerous investigation”, however we’re more inclined to believe that those who came up with that particular strategy hadn’t taken CBS’ new television adaptation into consideration. That entire show just begs for Moriarty to push our favorite detective off a cliff already.


Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Releasing September 25th


Angry Birds Triology Releasing September 25th

Angry Birds hits the Xbox 360 in a giant smashup of all previous Angry Birds Seasons editions, Angry Birds Rio, and the classic Angry Birds gameplay. Did we also mention you get to avail yourself of Kinect while taking out those awful egg kidnapping pigs?



Kinect Titles

Wipeout 3 Releasing September 25th

Bend your body into contorted shapes in your living room never felt this fun.


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