Those seeking to ditch their Microsoft Surface RT tablets after their retailer’s return window just got a new way to get some cash back out of the new device thanks to retailer GameStop.

Starting immediately, customers can bring in Microsoft’s new tablet to any local GameStop location and sell it for their choice in monetary compensation in the form of either in-store credit or cash. The amount of the payout completely depends on the condition of the Surface with prices range from $270 for a “Like New” 32gb device with touch keyboard to $43.20 (in-store credit) for a unite that’s deemed to be “Broken or Poor”.

Of course, you’ll need to see a store associate and read through a sizable paragraph of fine print to really determine what the retailer is going to offer you for your bit of Microsoft’s new identity. This also confirms that GameStop will be reselling Surface devices sometime in the future, although pricing on that is anyone’s guess.

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