Thanksgiving break is now over in the U.S. which means once again, it’s time to get back to dishing out the latest news, reviews, -you know all that jazz you fine folks seem to know and love. It being the last week of the month and all, that also means it’s time for another monthly update to enConnected proper.

As we set ourselves up for what we hope will be more growth next year, we are continuing to make big investments in non-traditional tech blog mediums, and while you won’t see them appear immediately after today’s update, rest assured they’re now they’re -just hidden in plain sight. We’re going to talk more about these things in the next few days.

In addition to supporting these surprises we’ve also added the option to acquire the things you read about in our review section via a new “Get it Now” area near our final review scores. This option will make an appearance on any review that also includes a review score and will feature direct links to the Windows Store, Windows Phone Store, and in the case of hardware,

As with all releases you’ll find some stability and bandwidth improvements here and there too. If you run into any issues don’t hesitate to let us know via Twitter: enConnected via Facebook  and in the comments below.  You’ll find all of the changes we’ve made to the site since launching via the Changelog.


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