We’re crazy about screen scratches but we’re all for carrying our devices naked. After all, why buy a phone that needs to stay in a case? However, in case you aren’t as cavalier with your smartphone investment as we are, you can pick up a fancy Otterbox case.

As of this morning both the Otterbox Commuter and Defender cases are available with the former going for $34.95 in Pavement and the latter going for $49.95 in Knight. (Yes, both of them are black -you know without the marketing.) We’ve also managed to find a nice Defender variant for the Nokia Lumia 822 as well.

Additionally, Windows Phone 8X users can also get in on the fun too, with the Commuter in Pavement and the Defender in both Knight and Glacier available on Amazon and Otterbox directly for the same price as the Lumia 920’s variants.


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