Well confess, we’re not exactly coding wizards. So, when Chris Koenig’s WordPress Starter Kit for Windows Phone arrived on the scene a while back we jumped at the chance to use the framework to create presence for enConnected and by the look at his download number, we’d say so did a lot of developers. Unfortunately, many of those developers are likely stuck somewhere between a rock and a hard place as far as their derivative of the starter kit is concerned.

We’d noticed that long time friend of the site, Patrick Hefner’s application, ZuneNuze had suddenly stopped working right around the same time we couldn’t get our very own app using the framework off the ground, so we thought it couldn’t hurt to send Chris an email to get a status update on when developers might be able to expect an update.

“I would love to be able to update it, but I’m hoping that since the source is posted on GitHub, some wonderful open source developer would be willing to dive in and make the necessary updates.”

So, that’s not really good news from a short term perspective but, just like Chris we’re hopeful that some of you talented to WordPress enthusiasts will be able to give the WordPress powered Windows Phone community the technical fix it needs to resume facilitating delivery for content providers on the platform. What do you say?

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