Looking to watch some live video footage of one man’s epic battle against forces both man-made and unnatural in order to save the heart of a city created with his two hands and a mouse on your Xbox? First, you should be, I can play a mean game of SimCity. Second, now you can with the use of Twitch on Xbox LIVE.

According to today’s announcement on MajorNelson, starting today, users will be able to watch live streams of other’s gaming sessions straight from the Xbox Dashboard. Additionally Xbox LIVE users will be able to login into the Twitch on Xbox LIVE app at 3 p.m. EST following next week’s Xbox Revealed event for a special post-show moderated by Larry Herb, Xbox LIVE”s Major Nelson.

Unfortunately the application is only for those users in the United States who have an Xbox LIVE Gold Subscription. It should also be noted that the application will only offer 300 most popular streams on to the service so the majority of the service’s video game streams will not be available to console viewers straight away.

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