Microsoft has been meeting with key television executives to discuss the Xbox One, that’s according to industry source Deadline Hollywood.

According to the report, Steve Ballmer journeyed to Hollywood, television capital of the United States to likely gauge interest and solicit feedback from the medium’s biggest programmers including Les Moonves of CBS, Steve Mosko of Sony TV and Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitsell of WME.

Nancy Tellum, the company’s newly minted president of entertainment and digital media was along for the ride as well, though that wouldn’t be much of a surprise if it’s true. She previously spent most of her career in the television industry.

According to the publication’s sources they were there to “to reiterate Microsoft’s commitment to transitioning its business to devices and services and explaining that Hollywood entertainment is a big part of that”.

Microsoft is aiming to launch the Xbox One sometime this year, and will feature a new live television guide and enhancements to assist users in finding the content and channels they are looking for as quickly as possible. However, it won’t do so without the help of a cable box at launch, something many cable-cutters had hoped for.

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