School is finally out for the summer folks. No more hiding behind the hard work of teachers and administrators while getting rewarded with constant comments about your child’s good manners and impeccable taste in television. Now, you’ll have to earn that World’s Great Mom and Dad mug. What better way to get the ball rolling than picking up your young child’s favorite Nick Jr. television shows on the cheap?

Right now Xbox Video users can purchase entire seasons of Nick Jr. shows for cheap including
Dora The Explorer
for $9.99, Team Umizoomi for $15.99, Bubble Guppies for $16.99, Mike the Knight for $9.99, Lalaloopsy for $16.99, Yo Gabba Gabba for $9.99, Franklin and Friends for $9.99, Max and Ruby for $19.99, and Peter Rabbit for $16.99.

That’s a lot of entertainment, for a little bit of cash. We’d consider putting the money you’re about to save on buying these shows into a savings account for later on in their lives. We’re told it gets more expensive from here.

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