The Xbox 360 will once again get a visual refresh, this time to match the looks and two-tone color of its successor.

The new Xbox 360 which is perfectly flat and drops much of the vertical lines of its predecessor in favor blending in with the other equipment it’s placed near, is now on sale. The console will come in the same two configurations as the Xbox 360S does today, a 4GB Console with just a wireless controller for $199.99, a 250GB version of the device with onboard storage and $299 for a 4GB console with a Kinect sensor included.

For those keeping score, that’s actually the same price points that the Xbox 360S ships at today. So far the company has not detailed any plans to drop the price of the 360S in order to make room for this console, instead it seems they’ve opted to let it’s stock sell out at the same price as it is today.

While Microsoft says the new Xbox 360 is available around the world, a quick check on Amazon didn’t show results for the new console just yet. We’ll keep an eye on it, and update you when it has.

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