Microsoft is detailing more about the Xbox One’s new Smart Match system that among other things, allows users to queue up for online gaming matchups before they’ve finished the one their already in and give users a reputation score based on their online behavior.

The post which featured Microsoft’s Michael Dunn, a Program Manager for Xbox LIVE, really gets into the nitty gritty of how the new system will work on the Xbox One. Using Smart Match’s request system allows game developers to use cloud processing to find more gamers, making the system more reliable if we’re allowed to read between the lines for a bit.

Smart Match seems to also put a reputation system at the heart of matchmaking for the new console. This new system will take input from the gamers users have already played online with and assign them a color based on a stop light. Green players are fine, and according to Microsoft make up the majority of users on the Xbox LIVE service however, yellow and red players will be sent “many different alerts to the user reminding [them of] how their social gaming conduct is affecting lots of other gamers”.

Though a long read, if online multiplayer gaming is incredibly important to you, than it’s definitely something you’ll want to read. Also, now you can finally nail that guy for messaging you beginning for free Xbox LIVE codes every day.

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