Microsoft is finally letting users know how much they’ll have to put away in order to pick up the Xbox One, the Xbox 360’s successor $499.99.

It’s that pricing, and only that pricing that users will see when they head to purchase an Xbox One on store shelves this fall, as there will only be one version of the console. For that price users will get the new upgraded Kinect sensor, the Xbox One itself, and the new Xbox One controller. Microsoft also says that it will make special downloadable content for a few of the launch titles available inside the box as well.

Over the weekend, Microsoft announced that users would be able to share games and trade them in to what it called “participating retailers”. Games will be available digitally or on a disc on the same day so that users won’t have to trek to a store to pre-order titles. Everyone in in family will have access to the same game library, in addition to a user being able to go to any Xbox connected to the internet and play their games. Users will also be able to gift games to users on their friends list when they’re done with them.

The console itself will include Wi-Fi support and will also allow users to connect their smartphones and tablets to the device using a technology called Wi-Fi direct. The Xbox One is already available for pre-order with online retailers like Amazon.

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  1. Don’t know whats up with the complaints about the price. pretty much what I expected. Now the DRM issue is a different subject. Hope MS pulls a reverse on this. Not looking good at all.

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