Mere hours after underpricing Microsoft’s Xbox One console, Sony is twisting the knife and ensuring that users at least grasp its marketing message of being the best entertainment console for gamers.

In the video -which we’ve included above, a PlayStation executive is seen looking directly at the camera, informing the user that “this is how users share games”. Shortly after a full screen indicates that what follows is only step one of the process.

The first executive in the commercial then hands his physical copy of a PlayStation 4 game to a counterpart also standing in front of the camera. The first gentleman then turns back towards the camera and says “Thanks”.

The video is, for all intents and purposes is a direct jab at Microsoft for the way its Xbox One gaming console will handle sharing games. According to the company, games purchased for the Xbox One can be traded into only “participating” dealers for cash and other games. That’s a far cry from the process users have to deal with today, needing only hand over the disc for sharing and trading.


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