When Microsoft announced that it would be making significant changes to the sharing functionality it had planned for the Xbox One, many thought it would actually give up on its dream of making Xbox LIVE easier on socialites and families. Apparently, it didn’t.

Announced today by Marc Whitten, Chief Product Office for Xbox, on Xbox Wire, Microsoft will grant all Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers the ability to grant the same permissions to gamer tags that are also on their Xbox One. Accounts tied to an Xbox LIVE Gold Home account will also be able to access the same multiplayer features on that same Xbox One. Best of all, it’ll enable all of this for just the cost of one Xbox LIVE Gold account.

Users will even be able to use that Xbox LIVE Gold account, on other Xboxes, and have it grant Xbox LIVE usage to everyone who’s using that other Xbox as well – as long as that Gold enabled account stays logged in.

Any digital content will also be usable by anyone other accounts on attached to that LIVE account. That includes games.

The Xbox One is expected to launch sometime this November.

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