If there is one thing more important than attaching Microsoft’s forthcoming Xbox One entertainment console to a television capable of showing of its enhanced graphics, it is getting the right sound equipment to compliment what is happening on screen. To that point Microsoft is teaming up Turtle Beach to create audio solutions for the Xbox One.

Turtle Beach announced the collaboration in a press release late last week. According to that release, the partnership will extend until 2015 and see both companies “increase exposure of the Turtle Beach brand to consumers.” Turtle Beach’s XO FOUR and XO SEVEN headsets will compliment the Xbox One leading up to launch. Turtle Beach is allowing users to try out their headsets as part of the Xbox One Tour that Microsoft announced late last month.

Unfortunately, this partnership doesn’t mean that Xbox One users can expect to pick up either of the company’s Xbox One-specific headsets along with the console itself.

Turtle Beach says the XO four and XO SEVEN headsets won’t launch until “early 2014.”

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