So you’ve had all the family togetherness, awkward dates, spoiled sports stars and overrated high-brow writing you can take this weekend? We’ve compiled The Favs, some of the best connected entertainment stories from this past week. It’s all that you need to feed for intellectual growth — short of going back to work tomorrow morning. Some of it is original reporting, and some of it is the work of others.

[divider] Gaming [/divider]

Reports indicate Microsoft could hide the Start Screen by default in the next update to Windows.

We don’t like basing writing on rumors and speculation. At best you’ve killed the excitement for everyone when the company finally talks about whatever is being speculated. Oh and at worst, the rumors false and you’ve caused an unjustified public panic. This week rumors surfaced that Microsoft is planning to disable the Start Screen in the next Windows 8 update by default and plunge the PC and its efforts to actually innovate back into the dark ages. Understandably, we had something to say about that in Microsoft, Give In Already and Become Irrelevant So We Can All Move On.

[divider] Culture [/divider]

Overly enthusiastic fans of technology companies unite.

We’ve all met them and we all know how they operate. They’re called fanboys and getting them to calm down and refrain from acting like nuts in the comments of websites and YouTube is impossible. So popular is this phenomenon that The Verge’s piece, aptly titled Fanboys, has actually been bombarded by fanboys raging about their side’s mischaracterization in the piece itself. If you’ve ever run into someone who simply won’t hear any word against Apple, Amazon, Google, Sony, Microsoft or — strangely enough — Vitamix, read the piece. You’ll thank yourself later. Fanboys

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