There’s some good news and bad news for Xbox One owners who spent most of the day restarting their Xbox One in the hopes of being among the first to snag the February Xbox One Update. First, the company has delayed it until sometime later in the week. Second, we now know what to expect from the March Xbox One update.

Detailed today on Xbox Wire, Microsoft is seems to be pulling out all the stops at it seeks to remedy the console’s issues before Titanfall lands on March 11th.

Users should expect the March Xbox One update to allow friends and family to get to their Xbox Live friends faster with a new friends list that takes center stage in an upgraded Friends app. Microsoft is also adding a list of gamers users have recently played with to the app as well, and going forward all multiplayer games will include a menu item that specifically includes the text “Invite friends to game.”

Users who aren’t fans of the console’s Party Chat system also have cause for celebration. Microsoft says that following the update, Party chat audio will be turned on by default when the Party App is activated. As such, users won’t need to search for the toggle in the Party app. Also, Microsoft is separating Party chat from those playing the same game. The switch should allow users to chat with friends and family who aren’t playing the same game as they are.

Of course, this being Microsoft, there’s other features in the update too, but it’ll detail those in the “days and weeks ahead.” A few hours after Microsoft announced that it’d be addressing the rampant Party issues in the March Xbox One update, the company also took to the Twitter social network to confirm that it had delayed the February Xbox One update that was originally scheduled for today.

Unfortunately, the company is only confirming that users should see the February Xbox One start to arrive some time this week.

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