Xbox Video, the service that allows users to purchase television shows, movies and other entertainment, is getting an update that will make playing back videos on multiple devices a breeze.

As detailed in a post on Xbox Wire this morning, users who purchase or rent content from Xbox Video can expect to begin watching video content on their Windows or Windows Phone device and then head to their Xbox One or Xbox 360 and pick up exactly where they left off.

That feature alone is huge for two reasons. First, it helps put the video experience on better footing. Today, anyone who has subscribed to Netflix expects their video content to pick up where it left off. It’s also important because its the first time Xbox Video content could be rented on one device and played on another. Until today, any movie rentals made were restricted to the device in which the user rented it from.

This syncing seems to work on any videos that have been purchased as well, making it unique among rival services like Amazon Video and iTunes Video.

Microsoft says users should expect the feature this week, on Windows and online at Xbox Video. Windows Phone users will need to wait, presumably until after Windows Phone 8.1 makes it into users hands later this year.

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