Browsing for television shows and scheduling a show to record is about to get a lot easier for Xbox One owners in Europe, United States and Canada.

Today Microsoft announced a few new features coming to the Xbox One “later this year.” the first of which is an international version of the OneGuide that Xbox One owners use to browse what’s on live television. Today it’s only available in the United States but it’ll soon spread to Canada and most European countries. The Kinect voice commands associated with the OneGuide will also début in these countries.

Also joining the feature is an update that will allow Xbox One owners to use their Xbox SmartGlass equipped tablet and phone act as a universal remote. Users will be able to schedule shows to record using the new SmartGlass app. They’ll also be able to browse their channel listing through the app.

Xbox One owners who joined the console’s Update Preview Program can expect the features to arrive on their Xbox One soon.

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