Games for Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles are getting cheaper all the time. The company’s Xbox Live Deals With Gold promotion for September 9th slashes the price of Watch Dogs for the Xbox One by 30% and hits the purchase price of Borderlands 2 for the Xbox 360 too.

Starting today, Xbox Live Gold users in the United States can pick up Watch Dogs for the Xbox One for $41.99. That might seem high, but compared to its digital regular price of $59.99 it’s a relative bargain. Users taking advantage of the Xbox Live Deals With Gold deals this week can also pick up Worms Battlegrounds for $14.99. Regularly, the game would cost $24.99.

Xbox Live Gold subscribers with an Xbox 360 can pick up the original Borderlands and Borderlands 2 for $4.99. Users can pick up the Borderlands 2 Season Pass for $14.99 or buy each upgrade pack for between $4.99 and $1.49. That isn’t a bad price at all — though clearly buying the season pass is a better dear for big fans of the franchise.

Xbox Live Gold users have until September 16th to pick up any of these games while they’re discounted thanks to Xbox Live Deals With Gold. After that, everything will go back to its normal price tag. An Xbox Live Gold subscription costs Xbox One and Xbox 360 users $9.99 a month or $60 a year.

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