Netflix is once again taking the screws to other video streaming services available on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 like Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant. Instead of producing a new flagship program the likes of House of Cards, the company is taking a different tack. It’s signed an exclusive deal to bring the 2000s phenomenon Gilmore Girls to Xbox One, Xbox 360 and nearly every other device with an internet connection.

The Decider was the first to reveal that Netflix has snatched the Gilmore Girls for its users late yesterday. According to the outlet, Gilmore Girls will become available for all with a Xbox One, Xbox 360, iPhone, Windows Phone and more beginning October 1st. We don’t yet know how long the agreement will last, but it should be long enough to let users watch each episode from all seven seasons of the The WB hit.

Gilmore Girls starred Alexis Bledel — before she was on Mad Men getting electric shock therapy — and Lauren Graham as a mother and daughter duo maturing in a small, friendly down. The show’s final episode aired in 2007, but not before it reached near mythic cult-like status for its faced paced dialogue and jokes.

A subscription to Netflix costs $7.99 a month.

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