Xbox Music and Xbox Video on Windows are getting some new updates this morning.

Microsoft didn’t announce the coming feature changes ahead of time, but that isn’t stopping news outlets and customers who are desperate for news from beating the update drum — us included.

Changes for the Xbox Music on Windows app include new confirmations for purchasing content, new notification banners, less playback errors and a few bug fixes. Microsoft also says that when songs aren’t playable the Xbox Music on Windows client will quickly skip to the next track in an album or playlist. We can personally attest to the amount of time Xbox Music took to skip an unplayable song previously being obnoxious.

Today’s Xbox Video for Windows update includes the option to delete videos from a user’s stash of local videos without diving into the Desktop interface or SkyDrive apps.

When you’re as behind as Microsoft is with the Xbox Music and Xbox Video clients are on Windows compared to alternatives, it’s very important that you move very quickly to fill in feature gaps. Slowly, Microsoft is improving on these apps, though they’re not necessary adding new features as much as they’re constantly fixing bugs with existing ones.

These Xbox Music and Xbox Video updates are available for any Windows 8.1 user who is willing to manually trigger updates from within the Windows Store app. All other users should hang tight, Windows 8.1 installs app updates on its own by default.

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