Microsoft is confirming that two of the biggest features still missing from its Xbox One console are on the way. Earlier this week Xbox Head Phil Spencer confirmed that backgrounds and themes are heading to the Xbox One.

Spencer talked about backgrounds, theming and more during an interview with the TiC Podcast, saying that he could confirm Microsoft’s team of software engineers are working on delivering the two features in a coming update. He didn’t provide a timeline for when the features should arrive on the Xbox One.

Since launching last year, the Xbox One has only included a few ways for users to customize their experience. Today users can assign an accent color to their console and pin apps they like to their Start Screen. There’s no option to change the background though, giving the Xbox One a somewhat cold feeling. That’s a big problem considering the Xbox One is something users interact with daily and have a specific attachment to. It’s worth noting that Microsoft’s previous game console, the Xbox 360, allowed users to choose custom themes for years. Today, users have the option to choose a pre-made theme or a picture from their own collection.

Its entirely possible that we’ll see the features come to the console in the form of another monthly update like the October Xbox One Update that Microsoft detailed a few weeks ago. That free software update added a new Friends area and leaderboard to the Xbox One Start Screen.

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