Johnny Gill may have went to the club after just getting paid on Friday night, but sometimes you just need to settle down, snuggle up with your Xbox Live-enabled console, tablet or laptop and enjoy sometime in a world of fantasy. All this weekend Microsoft is giving Xbox users the opportunity to do that absolutely at no charge with Free Movie Weekend on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the web.

Starting tonight, users can rent Vampyre Nation free of charge through Xbox Video. As you might have guessed, Vampyre Nation is all about the undead, blood drinking creatures that stalk the night. In this movie, Vampires now walk amongst humans out in the open.

Free Movie Weekend on Xbox Live is available through anything and everything that has an Xbox Video client. That includes the Xbox One, Xbox 360 any tablet, notebook or desktop running Windows 8 and Normally, purchasing Vampyre Nation would cost $7.99 to purchase but users can rent the movie for free until Monday. Have fun, and collect plenty of garlic before hand. Also, remember to have your Microsoft Account at the ready. You’ll need to log in.

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