Just in time for the holiday season comes this feel good news from the gaming community. Gamers Outreach, a non-profit charity that’s gained a reputation for reaching out to children and the armed forces, partnered with the University of Michigan in an effort to deliver 300 Xbox 360 consoles to the university’s hospital for children.

Gamers Outreach announced the effort and the delivery of the consoles this morning on its website. C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital of Ann Arbor, Michigan will begin installing the more than 300 Xbox 360s sometime in January. Every patient room will have an Xbox 360 inside when the roll out is complete. The hospital was able to pay for the consoles in part because of discounts secured for it by Gamers Outreach. The charity and hospital are hoping that the game consoles will provide a needed distraction for patients and their families.

Gamers Outreach has made a name for itself by providing consoles for area hospitals. Called Go Karts, the portable gaming stations are for providing a way to have some fun even when they can’t leave their beds. Registration for its 2015 Gamers for Giving charity event in February has already begun.

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