Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter are decent super hero television shows, but today digital video network Netflix gave subscribers their first taste of the next super-powered, high-octane show coming to Disney’s Marvel franchise. Daredevil is coming exclusively to Netflix beginning April 10th.

Netflix posted the new trailer for Daredevil this morning, hoping to wet the appetites of video lovers who just can’t get enough of Marvel’s squad of supers, according to Variety. Charlie Cox will play Murdoch, a lawyer blinded by a child-hood accident. He dawns a custom and a staff to take on villains inside and outside the courtroom in his old neighborhood.

All 13 episodes of the series’ first season will be available on première day so that subscribers can binge-watch the entire thing. Netflix costs $9.99 a month and has apps on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows and Windows Phone. There’s also a web client for those who’d like to watch on a PC that doesn’t allow them to install software.

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