Happy March Madness sports fans. For the foreseeable future those who get excited about college basketball and all that it entails will stay glued to their smartphones and anything else with a screen trying to find out current scores for their favorite teams participating in the NCAA Tournament. If you have an Xbox One you don’t have to settle for live score updates. You can watch all the March Madness festivities on your Xbox One console too.

If you have an Xbox One you can watch March Madness games on your console by tuning into one of three channels here in the United States, TNT, CBS or TBS. Of course, you’ll need to have your Xbox One and Kinect for Xbox One sensor configured for the Live TV app to work. Just say, “Xbox, Watch…” and the name of the channel.

For cable cutters, that’s where Microsoft’s exclusivity agreement with service Sling TV is worth however much the company must have paid the service to get their hands on it. Earlier this week we told you about Sling TV, the service allows you to watch tons of cable channels for $20. Signing up for the service gets you a week to watch all the March madness festivities you can possibly take. Having an Xbox Live Gold subscription and signing up through the console gets you 30 days absolutely free. Just remember to cancel your Sling TV free trial before your credit card is billed.

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