This week, live streaming and on-demand digital cable service Sling TV is making it even easier for Xbox One owners to enjoy the movies and documentaries that HBO has to offer without a cable subscription. As of today, Sling TV on Xbox One subscribers can add HBO to their line-up of channels.

Arstechnica is reporting that Sling TV users are able to add HBO to their packages today. Sling TV works mostly like cable, providing access to programs as they air and later in an on-demand format. Instead of paying for costly bundles, Sling TV lets users sign up for $20 and build out their channel selection with themed blocks at $5 a piece. Adding HBO to a Sling TV subscription costs $15 extra on top of the base monthly subscription.

The Xbox One is the only video game console that offers Sling TV functionality. For those that have cable, the Xbox One also offers a dedicated HBO Go app.

No matter which way you choose, you’re definitely running out of reasons to not watch this week’s Game of Thrones premiere. Unless, you’re just not a fan of magically themed, complicated, other-worldly soap operas, which we could understand. The new season of Game of Thrones premieres April 12th at 9pm.

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