If for some reason you ever sat through Dragon Ball Z at an early age contemplating what Goku would be like as a god, prepare to get your questions answered. This Friday, Saturday & Sunday Xbox Live has free Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods rentals thanks to Xbox Video Free Movie Weekend.

Xbox Video Free Movie Weekend isn’t yet appearing on the Xbox One dashboard itself, but it’s already available on Xbox.com. In Battle of the Gods Goku is all that stands in between a near omnipotent alien and Earth yet again. The God of Destruction isn’t satisfied with just beating Goku, he wants the entire planet on its knees. Purchasing Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods normally would cost $9.99 in standard definition.

Xbox Video Free Movie Weekend lets users rent a specific title free every month. From the moment that users hit play on that free rental they have two days to watch. Before starting playback users have 13 days until the rental expires. Anything rented or purchased in Xbox Video is available online to watch at XboxVideo.com using the Silverlight plugin, the Xbox One, Windows Phone and devices running Windows 8 or Windows 10.

Microsoft is also celebrating Anime Month with discounted seasons of Dragon Ball Z and other shows of its elk.

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