Lego, makers of buildable toys, video games based on the popular franchises of others and movies is getting into a whole new arena. This morning the company and Warner Brothers announced Lego Dimensions, a video game and toy line like Skylanders, but without the restrictions.

In the press release announcing Lego Dimensions, the toy maker makes it very clear it’s going after incumbents in the digital accessories game market in a big way. Lego Dimensions will work mostly like other franchises in the genre. A Lego Dimensions Starter Pack will let gamers add buildable characters, accessories and levels. A Toy Pad included with the Starter Pack and each collectible object will include NFC technology so that they can communicate with each other. The Lego Gateway will come included in the Star Pack, which will have versions for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4 and PS3. Gandolf, Batman, the Batmobile and Wyldstyle are all included in the Starter Pack too.

Skylanders forces players into purchasing different expansion packs and more characters as the series moves on, but that’s not the case with Lego Dimensions. The company is promising an ever-expanding array of play sets, widespread compatibility for each character and online play. Lego Dimensions launches on September 27th. The Starter Pack is already available for pre-order at GameStop.

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